A tale of emotion, sensuality, trying to give an alternative view of "style" through coats in Chinese blue, in Bulgarian red and Argentine green, in “PIOMBO CHECKS AND STRIPES" patterns with soft, enveloping, comfortable fabrics. Trying to inspire a new "PIOMBO PUNK TOUCH" attitude changing the way of dressing in different occasions from the "old mind" to a "young mind"
Clothes made in "old yellow flannel", t-shirts and knitwear in French mohair in different shades of green/blue
Coats jackets pants and knitwear in "PIOMBO CHECKS, STRIPES AND SOLID COLORS" in soft and enfolding wool creating sensual volumes
Dinner double-breasted jackets in corduroy, coats and knitwear from blue to black to brown to red and green with orientalist inspiration
A fancy gallery trying to tell through a cocktail of fabrics, colors, stripes and checks a blend of images to visually communicate an energy, an attitude to a man with a new and different view of life. A "Istanbul bridge" from street and fashion, creating something that might be very different, or new, in the dimension of style.
An alternative view of the way of dressing, acting on rooted elements belonging to the past, which were momentarily forgotten, put in brackets, but they were waiting to be reactivated and put back into circulation through a new and different look that is able to deliver yet once again to the future, a new mentality, renamed in their new location, creating suggestions using different fabrics, new shapes and colors to create what we call "PIOMBO COCKTAIL"
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