The Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection tries to convey a visual, attractive and refined sensitivity: A journey into the fantasy of exotic places, characterized by the presence of notable personalities, emotions and innovative creations. The search for new and eclectic ideals of beauty.
The exaggeration of the charm and the fascination for the merging of materials and colors in the hope of a real, but extraordinary world. A panorama that stretches from the personality of Mick Jagger to the Impressionism of Van Gogh.
Colors and patterns, inspired by Christian Berard's works, are proposed on silk or cotton Mao jackets, robes and dressing gowns matched with elegant suits, Belle Epoque inspired striped jackets, slightly bohemian, or with jackets in solid tones - Nordic and Ethiopian blues, yellows and Egyptian green.
An ecstasy of robes, veils and pajama jackets paired with trousers, field jackets and pea coats in solid Americans cottons, creates sensual and evocative combinations.
A specific attention is dedicated to formal and evening suits. Proposed in dark blue mohair and paired with matching colors or striped shirts, the style is finalized with a classic fancy bow tie, presented in printed silk or in typical tones of the Basque region, to emphasize a classical elegance, changing its rhythm and theatricality.
Clean, clear and Oriental colors. Blues and different shades of green: light avocado, jade, green Ireland enhanced or by pink magenta and Baltic red.
A dramatic and sexy roar for both men and women.
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